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It is recorded in the Shosoin Treasure House documents written 1200 years ago and the Enkishiki written in the Heian Era (794-1185), that Ecchu-koku (Toyama’s former name) offered Washi paper to the Imperial Court. It is also recorded that, 400 years ago, Nakaori-gami paper made in the Gokayama Taira region was offered to the 2nd lord of the Kaga Clan, Toshinaga Maeda, who ruled Ecchu in those days.
Since then, under the patronage from the Kaga Clan, papermaking flourished in Gokayama which is still a production center of high quality Washi paper.

As the record about Ecchu-koku Washi paper in the Shosoin Treasure House documents in Nara shows, Washi papermaking is a time-honored tradition in Gokayama. Gokayama Washi paper, collectively called Ecchu Washi, is a nationally- designated traditional craft. In particular, Washi paper, made only with paper mulberry fibers, has a more graceful texture and its products are widely used by famous artists and calligraphers. All Japan Washi Chigirie (collage of pieces of colored paper) is held once a year at the Gokayama Washi-no Sato.


The people of Gokayama have preserved and handed down Washi papermaking from generation to generation. Products made from this high-quality, handmade paper have a warm texture and are great gifts for people who are important to you.
There are a wide variety of Washi paper products, such as calligraphy paper, paper for sliding doors, letter paper, envelopes, notebooks, fancy cardboard squares New Year's gift envelopes, paper goods, and paper strings.


Please enjoy Gokayama’s traditional craftsmanship through experiencing traditional papermaking.
You can also see the paper-making process and buy Washi paper products as well.

Inquiries / Gokayama Washi-no-Sato TEL: 0763-66-2223
Gokayama Washi TEL: 0763-66-2016


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